Happy Weekends Announcement

Happy Weekends Announcement

Dear customers,

Due to our increase and cost in shipping charges, we wanted to create a more efficient way to work, while reducing our costs and not passing off the costs to you.

Our daily price for our standard (200g) packages has long been on a permanent sale. This price was 5 euros off the day to day normal price of 40 euros, down to 35 euros + shipping.

  • We are sad to announce we are discontinuing this discount during the weekdays. Mon (00:00) – Fri (24:00)
  • We are happy to announce we are continuing this discount during orders placed on the Weekend. Saturday (00:00) – Sunday (24:00)
  • Additionally, we will also offer a quantity discount on our 100g packages which we did not previously, Saturday (00:00) – Sunday (24:00)

This is to encourage that the bulk of our orders are processed, and shipped simultaneously and this will reduce our fuel and delivery cost, while at the same time providing our long running discount to you.

We would like to encourage you to plan your needs appropriately and order during this weekend time frame.

This plan will come into effect as of 2-08-2020