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Payment Options​

Acceptable Methods of Payment

  • For the first 7 days of each month (1st – 7th), any size order payable by “Cash on Delivery” will be fulfilled without issue.
  • For the remainder of the month 8th-31st, only orders for 25 euros (including shipping) or less can be paid via “Cash on Delivery
  • Any order larger than 25 euros will be required to be paid through digital transactions from 8th – 31st.

Payment Options

Bitcoin / Digital Currency

This is our preffered payment method and we offer significant discounts for using cryptocurrency / digital currency.

  • Bitcoin
  • *Bitcoin Cash
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • etc.

Thank you.

*Bitcoin Cash has the fastest transfer times, and cheapest fees for sending money, recommended.

Cash On Delivery​

We offer this payment method to new customers only.

Our policy is that if a package is ever returned to us unclaimed, without prior contact and explanation, we reserve the right to require pre-payment before any additional orders may take place, or refuse service.

Cash on delivery is a significant paperwork burden on both us and the customer, and has relatively high fees.

We offer NO discount for using this method.

Credit Card / Paypal​

We currently have no plans to support purchasing with Credit Cards or Paypal.High fees, lack of privacy and difficult approval processes make this unfeasible for our organization.

Digital Currency Discounts - Up to 25%

Digital Currency Discounts

If you pay with Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin etc.) there is a significant price discount and shipping is only 2.5 euros, up to 2 kg. 

The shipping + anakatboli is the same price, 5 euros, up to 2 kg.

We accept most digital currency!


What are digital currencies? How can learn more?

How can I buy Digital Currencies / Cryptocurrencies from Greece?

Please visit the following sites to learn more about digital currencies.

What digital currency do we recommend for using to purchase at the Kratom shop?

What digital currency do we recommend for using to purchase at the Kratom shop?

Why Bitcoin Cash?

  • Due to rising fees, slow and unreliable transfer speeds, and a overall philosophy that has diverged from its original intent, for using and spending money for day to day purchases, we now recommend customers to pay with Bitcoin Cash. Bitcoin Cash costs approximately .02-.03 cents to send any amount of money, in about 5-10 minutes.
  • Previously we recommended Bitcoin, but a Bitcoin payments can cost 5+ euros or more just in fees, with an unreliable transfer time based on network congestion.
  • If you have previously bought and hold (hodl) other cryptocurrencies and wish to pay with them, this can be acceptable as well. We will accept other currencies but for first time crypto buys and spends, we recommend Bitcoin Cash.
  • If you are new to crypto currencies,  and you wish to purchase for the intent of using your money for purchases, we highly recommend Bitcoin Cash.
  • A 20 euro purchase should not cost 5 euros in transfer fees. No purchase should cost so much to make payment.

Why Bitcoin Cash?


Bitcoin Cash transactions don’t need an intermediary such as a bank or other company, to send money electronically from one person to another.


Bitcoin Cash transactions are fast, the Bitcoin Cash network works 24/hours a day, 7 days a week. Often a Bitcoin Cash transaction will take only a few minutes.


Often buying Bitcoin Cash today, means your Bitcoin Cash are worth more tomorrow. A 100 euro purchase today, could be worth 120 euros or more in the future. If using Bitcoin Cash like a bank, your balance is both an investment as well as a secure way to store your money.

Other types of digital / crypto currencies

We also accept these as well, but please contact us beforehand to discuss. (Litecoin, Bitcoin (Regular), Ethereum, etc)

How to checkout and get a discount from The Kratom Shop using digital currencies.

How do I buy from The Kratom Shop with Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency and get a discount?


The following steps assume you have already in your possesion digital currency and are aware of the basic usage of it. If you do not have any digital currency, please visit the following site to learn more:

Buying from The Kratom Shop using digital currencies is very easy. Please read below to understand the process.

Step 1

Add the products you wish to buy to the cart as normal.

Step 2​

When you are ready to checkout, please visit the cart from either of the links.

Step 3​

You should now arrive on the cart screen please continue.

Step 4​

On the cart screen please choose under shipping the Digital Currency link.
Verify that the discount for shipping and product has been applied.

Step 5​

Please click Proceed to checkout.

Step 6​

Verify your information are correct and click Place Order.
You will then be taken to another website,

and follow the onscreen instructions to pay with digital currency.If you wish to learn more information about Digital Currencies please visit this page for info: