Shipping Policy

Customer Information Policy

Submitted Information

Name of account / Delivery name

  • Please, 1 customer per account. Changing delivery names and person to deliver to during each order is against our policy.
  • Our system prints out a label with customers current information. Asking alternate addresses or names on the delivery label is not supported.
  • The name on the account is the name on the parcel. Customers should use their full accurate name.
  • Cash on Delivery orders in most cases are picked up from the local ELTA office. The person whom is picking up the package should be the name on the order!

Delivery Address

  • Customer information especially delivery address, email address and phone number, must be accurately typed, and correct.
  • Please use an online service such as Google maps to verify your delivery address accuracy.

Email Address

  • Please ensure that the email information you submit for your order is correct.
  • When we receive an order, our store sends to you an automatic invoice. If the invoice sent to your email address bounces (comes back to us), we will NOT ship the order. You must contact us to correct the email address.

Phone Number

  • Please ensure you have a working and accurately submitted phone number! An incorrect phone number submitted to our shop, leads to ELTA and ourselves having no way of being able to contact you. This leads to a failed delivery!
  • When the packages arrive at your local ELTA post office, they will try and call you to arrange pickup and payment.
  • Incorrectly entered phone information will lead to a failed delivery!
  • If you do not have a Greek phone number, you MUST follow your tracking number and call your local ELTA office once it has arrived there, or go in person.
  • ELTA will not call international numbers and will send back the packages if no contact is made by the customer.

Collected Information

  • Any information submitted by us is only used to complete services and delivery to each customer.
  • We will not use / sell customer information for any purpose other than this.
  • We may use your contact info to communicate with you in regards to your order, or regarding feedback of our services
  • By request, we will remove any customer information & records submitted to our database as soon as possible.
  • For our complete Information / Collected Data policy click here.

Failed Deliveries

  • Deliveries returned (failed) to us due to incorrect delivery address, or non contact because of incorrect phone numbers will flag your account and disable further orders.
  • Deliveries returned (failed) to us due to customer not following their tracking number and not contacting their local ELTA office to arrange payment and delivery will flag your account and disable further orders.
  • You may appeal your restricted account, by contacting us through email, be aware that you must receive your previous order first, as well as an additional 5 euros re-delivery fee, depending on your explanation for the failed delivery.
  • Additionally you may be required to pre-pay any future orders via the methods available such as Cryptocurrency.


  • All packages are shipped in simple plain packaging giving no indications to their content.

Package Tracking​

  • All orders will include a tracking number that can be monitored in the relevant website of the delivery service.
  • Additionally, you can use the Aftership shipping tracking application for your phone.

Shipping Within Greece for Permanent/Long Term Residents

If Paying with Cash on Delivery

IMPORTANT: For most regions in Greece, the delivery and receipt of Cash on Delivery packages must be received and paid for at your local ELTA postal center.
The Kratom Shop currently uses only ELTA (Greek Postal Service) for our shipping provider when paying with cash on delivery.
  • Cash on Delivery packages, in most cases and areas, will require to be picked up in person at the local ELTA office.
  • ELTA does not deliver to the final destination unless payment has been completed.
  • ELTA rarely delivers to the final address due to the mail carriers themselves not carrying cash or change with them
  • You may be able to negotiate an on site delivery and payment. But you must contact you local ELTA office, but this is not guaranteed and must be done by you.
  • Cash on Delivery packages must have accurate information, especially a local Greek phone number (mobile or landline) for ELTA to contact you when the package arrives in your area.
  • If you do not have a Greek phone number, you MUST follow your tracking number and call your local ELTA office once it has arrived there, or go in person.
  • ELTA will not call international numbers and will send back the packages if no contact is made by the customer.

Orders paid with Cryptocurrency

  • Kratom Shop favors shipping with ELTA (Greek Postal Service) for our shipping provider when paying with cryptocurrency. Additional shipping options are available but only by special request. Please notify at least 2 working days in advance if alternative shipping is needed.
  • Can be delivered all the way to the destination address of choice. (Home / Office / Etc.)
  • Must have accurate delivery information for the delivery service to service the location.
  • If the package is returned for reasons due to incorrect customer information submitted to us, it will be non refundable.
    • While non refundable, we will reship the same order for an additional 10 euros, (5 euros for lost funds due to failed delivery, 5 euros for reshipment of package )

Shipping Within Greece for Short Term Visitors and Tourists

Yes, we can send an order to you if you are just visiting!

Plan ahead to help us plan ahead! Consider our position

  • Please inform us of your dates that you will be staying, before you arrive!
  • If you are staying on mainland Greece, please try to notify us several (2-3 work days at least) before you arrive.
  • If you are staying on a Greek island, please notify us at least 7 days in advance before you arrive!
    • Deliveries to many islands takes a MINIMUM of 5 days assuming best case scenario!

Cash on Delivery seems convenient, but it is not especially not for tourists!

  • Cash on Delivery in Greece usually requires the receiving party to visit the local ELTA (Postal) office to receive and pay for the package!
  • Depending on your familiarity of the area of Greece you are staying, this may be a difficult task to locate and communicate with the local ELTA branch!
  • Additionally as a short term visitor, the mail system is a bit slow here and there is a risk for us to mail you a cash on delivery package that you will not be around to receive. If you do not receive your package in a timely manner, we will incur a non refundable shipping charge in which we have no recourse from.

Use Cryptocurrency for your best experience from us, as a Tourist

  • Orders paid by Cryptocurrency will be delivered directly to your place of stay such as a Hotel lobby or vacation house.
  • All packages are shipped in simple plain packaging giving no indications to their content.
  • No additional fees

Shipping Costs / Fees (Within Greece)

The Kratom Shop at this time offers shipping services through ELTA on a day to day basis.

ELTA Standard Shipping Fees

  • Delivery Fee – 2.50 euros
  • Cash on Delivery Fee – 2.50 euros
  • Total 5 euros.
  • Rush orders and priority delivery are not available.

ELTA Courier Shipping Fees

  • Elta courier is only available by special and valid request. Please notify us at least 2 working days in advance if courier shipping is needed.
  • A valid request consists of a specific reason you may require hand delivery, such as Military members who cannot leave their place of stay.
    • Rush and/or urgent orders are not a valid request, plan ahead!
  • ELTA courier prices are somewhat unpredictable, and delivery time is approximately the same delivery time as standard shipping. For this reason we do not encourage using courier services!
  • ELTA Courier Cash on Delivery Fee – (2.50 euros)
    ELTA Courier Delivery Costs – (5 – 20 euros) depending on the weight of the package.
  • ELTA courier fees for cash on delivery packages will be included on the final price when receiving the package. We do not charge extra, but we also do not know the fees until the package is sent.

Shipping Schedule

ELTA shipping, while extremely reliable requires following some specific procedures.

  • There is NO same day shipping.
  • Packages that have been given to ELTA and checked in, regardless of the time of day, will at the earliest start shipping the next working day.
  • Example.
    • Order comes in @ 6 am Friday, package is given to ELTA and checked in @ 2 pm Friday, it will not start shipping until Monday.
  • Example.
    • Order comes in @ 3 pm Sunday, Package is given to ELTA and checked in @ 8am Monday, the package will not start shipping until Tuesday.
  • If you wish for your package to go out by a specific day, the orders on the website must be received by 12 pm the day before. (Working days only!)

Shipping Within Europe / International Shipping

  • Cash on Delivery is NOT available for delivery addresses outside of Greece.
  • Payment methods currently available for International / EU customers are currently
  • Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin CASH / Ethereum recommended)
  • Shipping is through the Worldwide Postal System, including a tracking number.